Harmonized Water: Environmental Protection


Harmonized Water: Environmental Protection


Osmosis: Wellness

This is one of our favorite formulas because it targets environmental toxins by providing balancing frequencies that may signal the body to release them. Our bodies are exposed daily to carbon monoxide, glucose, sulfites, nitrites, mercury, lead, arsenic and more. This formula is specifically designed to balance the disharmonies associated with those toxins. 100 ml.

Conditions: Environmental Toxicity

Directions: Take 2ml 30 minutes before exercise. May be repeated throughout exercise every half hour as needed. For general energizing effect, take 2ml in the morning and again at mid-day.

Note: Over half of the people taking Environmental Protection can experience 5-15 pounds of weight loss which we believe is associated with the detox effect. People taking Breathe have the same frequencies and do not need to add this water.  

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